Hacking a New Zealand Data Management Guide

An increasing number of funding agencies and publishers are requiring that research data be made available for sharing and re-use. This has prompted a number of national and international initiatives to provide guidelines and policies around data management. It is important that, at least at the national level, data management guidelines are written in a way that maximise interoperability so that data can be shared fluidly between research institutions and other stakeholders.

The aim of this workshop is to examine the existing data management guidelines that have been put in place or are being drafted in different local and international institutions, and to identify the minimum requirements for data management that should be common to all institutional-level guidelines. We will exploit the expertise of the attendees to draft a “data management guidelines” document that will provide individual institutions with a template and recommendations for their individual policy documents.

The first part of the workshop will examine existing data management guidelines and identify the commonalities and discrepancies between different documents. The second part of the workshop will identify the “dos” and “don’ts” for effective data management guidelines. The third part of the workshop will concentrate on producing a document summarising the recommendations that can be circulated to the relevant stakeholders.

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