Framework for eResearch Adoption - Process


Multiple perspectives were sought for the 2007 Roadmap, from KAREN Champions, central IT service managers, librarians and researchers across New Zealand Universities, CRIs and the National Library. Perspectives from similar groups and individuals, as well as research DVCs and research managers will be sought for the current review, however we are looking to augment those views with lead researchers in priority science investment areas.

The following stakeholders will be informed about the project:

  • NZVCC: DVCs Research and University IT Directors
  • Science NZ Strategic Research Managers and IT Directors
  • Funding and Investment Agencies
  • TEC, MoE
  • KAREN Champions

Process and Timeframe

The process for developing the Framework for eResearch Adoption will involve:

  1. Workshops at research institutions
  2. Draft document review

Workshops at research institutions

Workshops were held at most CRIs and Universities during the first half of 2011.

Draft document review

The Draft of the "Framework for eResearch Adoption" report is now available for download and comment. This document is a KAREN community document, which MSI will consider.